#ubuntu - Thu 1 Mar 2007 between 06:56 and 07:02

systemd0wnwhy after a fresh install of Ubuntu did it auto-connect to a WiFi network. what app is doing this?
bondihej Wojas
wylacze deer huntera :D
ubotuMozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl
Sebbohsystemd0wn, network-manager. It's set to "roaming mode" by default, which means auto-connect to any wifi.
eternalswdpszemek, any luck, I really need to get some sleep
Sebbohsystemd0wn, you can control it by clicking the little two-monitors icon by the clock.
studentpo co
funpopis it safe to disable the "acpid" and "apmd" services ?
PolysicsSebboh, , yay, fixed, many thanks
arn_eternalswd, i have "Makefile.am" and "Makefile.in" in that folder, and so far i know "make" uses the "am" file. but its not getting the file
bondikurcze ile tu ludzi
Sebbohgreat poly.
systemd0wnSebboh, it threw me off when i went to configure it and the "enable this connection" box was not checked.
studentza duzo
eternalswdarn_, can you paste the README to a pastebin so I can see it?
pszemeketernalswd, ok
Sebbohsystemd0wn, yeah I don't like that application.
systemd0wnSebboh, thought it was fishy. thanks.
Sebboh, you use something else?
pszemeketernalswd, thenks for help! yo
SebbohSpeaking of wireless, mine doesn't work since I switched to Feisty Fawn. How do I make it work? ..I don't know what's missing.. I got the broadcom firmware..
Tainekok, so i know i have an MSI Ralink-6877 card, and i have a driver which is contained in an exe, which in windows installs the ralink wireless manager, where do i go from here? :S ty
arn_eternalswd, http://rafb.net/p/54J7X453.html
Sebbohsystemd0wn, no, I use the same thing. =) I just don't like it much.
eternalswdpszemek, I'm sure there are others around who can help you install it, just tell them what errors you're coming across.
systemd0wnSebboh, thanks. :)
SebbohTainek, uh, is that a broadcom based wireless card? (Does lspci mention a broadcom 802.11 card?)
Taineksebboh, i could check, i assume i go condole then do lspci
ikonia_Sebboh for fesity support join #ubuntu+1

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