#ubuntu - Wed 21 Feb 2007 between 00:00 and 00:06

PhibreOptixIt goes to the logo screen, then powers down, then starts up again and goes to the logo screen and powers down.....it's an infinite loop
PORDOfirst it looks like i need libssl-dev
PhibreOptixAnd it doesn't stay on long enough to be mounted
royelchris_: which installer did you use?, the universal?
MeherenPhibreOptix sounds like it's a problem with your player, not ubuntu
PhibreOptixRight...is there any way I can force it to stay on?\
chris_i used a program called autopackage: www.autopackage.org , for .package files
royel: i used a program called autopackage: www.autopackage.org , for .package files
MeherenPhibroOptix, just sec ill reaserach it, who makes it again?
samuelare there any osx like docks that work in gnome? specifically something that also lists running apps and gives them a place to minimize to?
that DOESNT need beryl?
chris_royel: on the game site its listed as .bin
pontus91mkdosfs: /dev/sdb1 contains a mounted file system
what do I do? I need to format it to fat32
Wuilliamhi ALL, i have a problem http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/6809/ that is when i install the oficcial drivers of ati
who can helpme
Dr_willispontus91, unmount it.. fdisk it to change the filesystem type. format it.
chris_royel: listed as bin package on the game site**
Ryan45Can anyone recommend a guide to dual booting ubuntu and vista if I have a preloaded version of vista on a new laptop?
mitch00hey all
Dr_willisRyan45, be sure you got disks where you can restore vista later if needed..
tim167what's the terminal command to take a screenshot ?
arromeoEw. Scrote!
boredandblogginghas anyone here gotten dual head working with an ati 9250 card?
stepanstashow can i set vlc media player default for all media files?
macdstepanstas, system --> preferences --> preferred applications
flamesrockI asked about this last night without solving it.. maybe there's someone online that knows the answer?
I mount an nfs share alright, but when I try to copy a file, it just hangs
and ^c won't interrupt, it just hangs
macdflamesrock, can you browse the files in the dir ok?
macdand is the error, copying to the nfs share or from?
flamesrockcopying from
stepanstasmacd, i see two tabs, internet and system, neither have media in the,
macdcan you copy to?
tim167how can i make a screen-shot using a terminal command ?

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