#ubuntu - Sun 18 Feb 2007 between 12:59 and 13:03

kenthomsonadaptr, are you sure
merlin2049erhow do i recover from xwindows not starting?
i can't get a desktop
adaptrkenthomson: also, I think you misunderstand what it is - AIGLX *is* the way to run beryl directly on nvidia, as it is the opengl extension to xorg
kenthomson: quite, yes
merlin2049er: error log ?
royelkr0magnon: lol, not me.. I'm looking forward to sitting down at my desk tomorrow an not having to fix something :)
clearze2can I have multiple active display sessions?
merlin2049erhmm, not with me
kr0magnonroyel: good point! haha
adaptrclearze2: yes...
clearze2adaptr: how do you do it?
kenthomsonadaptr, you mean there is nothing like running beryl on nvidia (laterst drivers, xorg 7.1) without AIGLX? 100%?
merlin2049erit couldn't find a fixed font
adaptrkenthomson: I mean you need opengl to ru beryl, how else would you do that ?
merlin2049erafter a upgrade
adaptrmerlin2049er: check the font paths in xorg.conf, see if it's changed
kr0magnoni guess i'll stick w/v6.06 till the next stable release.
zythIf I go run out and buy an nvidia card, will I be able to run beryl and play my 3d games without any strange hacks or kludges?
mindstatemerlin2049er: try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" ..it'll bring you to the x windows setup
pardusdestekHi channel
charleshi im running a S3 card... when i fireup beryl i get this....Support for non power of two textures missing --> libGL warning: 3D driver claims to not support visual 0x42 -->beryl: Support for non power of two textures missing --->beryl: Failed to manage screen: 0
Gog123oh, think twice, its another day for you in ubuntu paradise
ardchoillezyth: You on Dapper or Edgy?
zythardchoille, edgy
Gog123i got an update on ubuntu today for a security patch
ardchoillezyth: I think so
newoxygenhey, can i burn the iso for ubuntu edgy onto a DVD instead of a CD-R?
speedwolfwhat's udev?
ardchoille!nvidia > zyth
CugelI suppose you can.
adaptr!udev | speedwolf
merlin2049erok, thankt's i'll try that
ubotuspeedwolf: udev: rule-based device node and kernel event manager. In component main, is important. Version 093-0ubuntu18.0edgy2 (edgy), package size 224 kB, installed size 768 kB
merlin2049eranything else i should try?
royelkenthomson: the issue is not so much the version of nvidia drivers, but that all of the OSS drives available do not enable 3d rendering, so Beryl will not work with those, Nvidia proprietary drivers however will enable 3d support which is required of Beryl.
ardchoillezyth: A couple wiki's I saw today say beryl on Dapper can be a lot of work, but Edgy seems to be supported.
adaptrroyel: not that, even.. the path is xorg (aiglx to enable xorg opengl extensions) -> nvidia opengl library -> beryl... you cannot leave one of these out
Spee_Dernewoxygen, yes.

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