#suse - Sun 6 May 2007 between 13:08 and 13:13

AlbertoPit's sympathetic sercik ;-)
CstolworthyJaxReloaded do you know what revision the card is?
serciknoone with that files?
JakReloadedlet me check
AlbertoPhmm nope...but why do you need them?
Cstolworthyit looks like there are 5 revisions, each with a different chipset
JakReloadedI think its 20
sercikAlbertoP if you visit that page you undertand
Burton-fzzany way, is there somebody how uses SUSE with nvidia motherboard? there is problem with intergrated sound!!!
serciki need a script that start automatically at boot mldonkey
and i have found that guide
but is for use and i don't have some commands that are used in script
JakReloadedCstolworthy - Ethernet Controller: Belkin Unknown Device 700f (rev 20)
sercikfor suse
bill-barrieresercik, dumdumdum, put a sh in ~/.config/autostart then
ronaldo_People, there are this files in my /etc/X11: xorg.conf xorg.conf.install xorg.conf.md5 xorg.conf.nvidia-post xorg.conf.saxsave t
bulmerwhich site have capabilities using rsynch to correct a md5sum erroring iso?
Cstolworthyhrm they don't list a rev20...so want to just try the other ones we haven't, one at a time?
ronaldo_is this normal?
bill-barrierebulmer, use torrent for that
sercikbill-barriere i don't have X installed
AlbertoPsercik, put it in the kde autostart thing?
ah ok..sorry
bill-barrieresercik, so fucking what ?
JakReloadedCstolworthy - if you dont mind i would appreciate it =)
serciki have a server (only text wothout X)
bill-barriereso ?
bulmerbill-barriere: what do you mean? a torrent supporting site?
sercikthat i use like router and i have also intalled ftp server web server etc....
and i want to use it also to donwload with mldonkey
bill-barrierebulmer, ? use a torrent client it can fix the corrupted dl
bulmer, the .torrent are on all the ftp
serciki use sancho from windows to connect to mldonkey core running on linux pc
Cstolworthyok here is the link JaxReloaded
bulmerbill-barriere: so i download the .torrent file and it will auto-magically see that my iso is corrupted to it will just download what it needs? or I must still go through that rsync steps to recover?
Cstolworthyuse option 2

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