#suse - Thu 3 May 2007 between 01:00 and 01:37

MidnightCommandodaPhoenix: hey
It's PeanutHorst - I have a Geeko!
anyhow, i'm online from CeBIT and the connection is awful
so see you later
sPiNdaPhoenix, got a few video encoding questions for you
how would you suggest i rotate a vid, and what codec would you use ton compress video of live music
mikeWell that just sucks
The manufacturer of the laptop does not stock an OS CD for vista
Soo if vista crashes and I need to fix it.. I will lose Suse
that really sucks
cenuijspin im not sure about the first part, but for space compression xvid is reasonable ( ac3 for the audio layer will give you 6 channels ), if it's for distribution for airtime we send things out as mov
qweqweqwehow do i setuid in suse?
cenuijbut only as mov because bbs and other uk production studios use final cut pro
anyone up
to help me
SUSEhelpPlease just ask your actual question. Filler questions and statements waste time.
wimshmmm, what do i really need to install ? do i need all the cd images ?
jimzah one of these super efficent no time for chit chat channel
aka_druidwe have time for shit, but just not yours
SpacePuppyjimz is anal retentive, please go to #shrink_me_please
jimzhave a nice OS/life
SpacePuppyahh so that was his question.
wimsyou trolls know the answer to my question ?
aka_druiddont be silly
SpacePuppywims has a question? sorry bud, don't know about CD.. i'm DVD man
aka_druidtrolls dont know the anwer
wimsok, i'll just get the dvd then
not _that_ long wait anyway
abcdefcan someone help me
SpacePuppyyup.. it's on 3g n'change.. gofor itand
abcdefopensuse error cd:///?devices=/dev/hdc unknown error Unable to copy media directory to /var/tmp/TmpDir.w3onF9/MEDIA
SpacePuppyask ask ask.. never ask to ask
abcdeferror occurred while creating the catalog
why is this happend?
SpacePuppycreating what catalog?

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