#suse - Sun 20 May 2007 between 01:03 and 01:27

aka_druidbit complicated, but seems cool
FallenAngelhi , I have just installed apache on suse however it seems to have installed it to /etc as apose to /usr/local/apache which is what i have always gotten before
woudl it be ok to move the files and put a link ref there lateron ?
or can I just move apache and recongiure the cofig files ? or would it just be easier to just remove apache and start from scratch using a tar ball this time
y0d4i'd choose the last option
FallenAngelyeah thats what i'm thinkin it's a clean install
don't wanna start off on the wrong foot lol
y0d4how did you do the first install? rpm with yast?
FallenAngelyeah the lazy way hehe
never done it that way
always used a tar ball before
y0d4checkout whether this is a bug
software is never installed to /etc so maybe there's a wrong var setting
FallenAngelcool will do thanx :)
yeah it didn't seem right to me and apache definatly didn't liek it lol
y0d4try to stick on rpm and yast
it's easier when it comes to updates
FallenAngelso try and fix th solution usign an rpm still ?
y0d4check buglists first
FallenAngelyup will do , thanx for your help :)
y0d4if you do the tarball thing, you'll have to update yourself if needed
FallenAngelI do prefer to have a bit mroe controll , I am not one fo rthe latest and greatest
I like stable and reliable hehe
sjonesplus you'll run into dependency problems with other stuff, because apache won't be seen in the rpm database.
FallenAngeli only moved to suse 10 a month ago lol
been on 9 thinkin about the move or to go back to slackware
y0d4usually it's stable ;)
Armageddon00Has anyone here gotten Joost to run under wine/cedega?
FallenAngelahh good point s jones
juksteranybody familiar with what a timewarp bug is? something to do with smp??
havent watched star trek these last days...
juksterpoor wording, i deserve that..
actionsjones jumps to the left
sjonesjumps to the left
actionsjones steps to the right
sjonessteps to the right
juksterbasically i'm having hard lock ups on shutdowns/reboots.. I noticed the message BUG: Timewarp detected... something like that.. just wondering what it is refering to.. even in a very general sense
aka_druidjukster, youd better get a kernel channel...

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