#suse - Wed 2 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:08

thx1138Who is on first?
timewriterthat was the first issue
and if im not mistaking , opensuse doesnt recognize my realtek lan card either
sPiNand I dont know is on second
thx1138no, Hu is on second
timewriteron second what thx1138 ?
thx1138(I'm joking about the old Laurel and Hardy skit)
timewriterok :)
i would be very happy if the 10.2 enterprise would have the jmicron drivers included
thx1138is there a 10.2 enterprise and what actual advantage does it have? and, in the future, will it all be just openSUse 10.3 etc?
michaelalgum brasileiro
timewriterenterprise version has long time support
SUSEhelpbr is Favor utilizar somente ingls aqui. O canal em portugus #suse-br
sPiNtimewriter, you mean sles10? or sled 10?
timewritersuse linux 10.2
or is it 10 ?
let me check my dvd`s
sPiNyou mean opensuse 10.2?
timewriter2 seconds sPiN
thx1138what do you like for monitoring CPU use, fan speed, etc?
timewritersuse linux enterprise desktop
sPiNi dont do much of that, i tried a few karamba tools, but the damn things are to small for me to see at 1920x1200
timewriteri assume its suse linux enterprise 10
not 10.2
i cant find a 10.2 enterprise version of suse
sPiNwell sled10 is based on suse linux 10.1
its possible that that kernel did not have support for your hd controller
i would bet that opensuse 10.2 does
timewriterit doesnt for sure
thx1138are sles and sled dead, will there be any more versions?
timewriteri guess that 2.6.18 and newer , has
sPiNthx1138, of course not, thats how novell monetizes linux
timewriter, thats what 10.2 uses
thx1138your HD controller, its the intel 965 chipset (southbridge sata)?
timewriteri know sPiN :)
i installed 10.2

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