#suse - Wed 16 May 2007 between 01:53 and 02:09

ykphuahsPiN: lol, me too.
SUSEhelpTo install the nVidia drivers, see http://en.opensuse.org/NVIDIA --- For manual installation check: http://www.suse.de/~sndirsch/nvidia-installer-HOWTO.html The driver is here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html
ronaldo_or you want that I execute " sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia" ?
boris55I was wonder if you took down your resoluition if that would make a difference
ronaldo_what happens when I press ctrl alt F2?
It change to higher resolution?
So, should I change the 1280x1024 (SXGA) to a small resolution?
SUSEhelpykphuah: Error reading from specified site
boris55smaller, that's what I would do but i'm not sure what to do after this point.
ykphuah!search pack
SUSEhelpMatching factoids: packman; package-search; packagelist; packman-yast; packman-mirrors; packman-skynet; packages; packman-32bit; packagemanagement-beta; package; package-list; packagesearch; package list; packmanskynet; susehelp packman; packmanmirrors; de-packman; de-packmanyast;
SUSEhelpThe most popular third-party package source. See http://opensuse-community.org/Package_Sources/Packman
ronaldo_Ok. I'll try this.
1024x768 (SXGA).
yahoobye all
ronaldo_but here the only option to 1024x768 is with XGA only. not SXGA. Is there some problem with this?
boris55that's fine
ykphuahanyone using 10.3 alpha?
it supposeldy have the latest and greatest kernel and programs?
kkathmannope I make it a point to NOT try alpha software :)
ronaldo_the strange behavier is that when I try ctrl alt F2 or ctrl alt F4, the system became paralised for some time.
Cpudan80ronaldo_: Just read that NVidia page
ronaldo_the caps lock doesn't work.
Cpudan80The F-Keys switch you into different modes
ronaldo_after some seconds. I can type ctrl alt and F7 and the screen returns.
Cpudan80CTRL-F1...F6 goes to a terminal
I think F7 is the first X session
F8 is the second - etc
ronaldo_ok, thank you.
Cpudan80it should flicker for a sec - then go to a prompt
If you just do what the !nvidia link says - you'll be fine
Assuming you dont have to manually put together the driver (the hard way)
That can be a little trickier
boris55how does one create more than one x session?
ronaldo_flicker is the same as freese?
Cpudan80boris55: If someone else walks up while your screen is suspended and hits "new login" - that would do it
You can do it via applications --> system --> remote access in GNOME

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