#suse - Mon 14 May 2007 between 00:42 and 02:43

la_manohello, does anyone know about pulseaudio?
jred184_has anyone had experience with the ALL IN WONDER RADEON 8500DV ?
joe_codernope, sorry
I use a radeon x600 in my laptop
does anyone know where I can change my computer name as windows boxes will see it on the network?
I'm on the identity tab of yast / samba config
and I changed NetBios hostname, but that doesn't seem to do anything
nm, took effect now
Iron_Chefhi, i'm getting a long pause during the login handshake (either through ssh or local) is this a known issue? any suggestions on a fix? (opensuse 10.2)
Neophytetried cleaning /tmp ?
MrWGW-good evening
I'm having a few minor glitches with a new OpenSUSE 10.2 install
when I double click on a downloaded .rpm, the installer doesn't load
(that's themain problem ATM)
aka_druidMrWGW-, dont install rpms taht way... add a repo and useyast
MrWGW-I did, but the repos don't always have the packages I'm looking for
is the downloadable RPM installability completely broken Druid?
Neophyterpm -ivh
aka_druidIron_Chef, sometimes it has to do with reverse dns lookups... try some google on "ssh lag" "ssh delay"... and start ssh with debug options, if needed
MrWGW-actually I had to go the repo route to get Opera and that's why I'm running 9.02 rather than 9.20
aka_druidMrWGW-, dunno, I never use it, because its silly
MrWGW-haha true
btw aka druid you've been helping me with Suse since November
and I also want to personally thank you for your assistance
rendered in this IRC channe;
you really saved my life that time I broke my X server with an invalid driver...
another question
how do I adjust monitor brightness?
neophyte_viiby gamma
right click
config desktop
go to Display
second tab
"monitor gamma"
MrWGW-I see, actually I found an easier way to do it than that, but thanks anyway

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