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SUSEhelpto take a screenshot, press: ctrl prntscrn for the entire desktop desktop, and alt prntscrn for the active window. The screen shot is then in the clipboard and you can paste it on the desktop or into any folder where you have write permissions. You could also use KSnapshot if you need a delay or any other advanced screen shot needs.
sPiNFlobbie, sure
you can try using yast - system - boot loader
octo_it seems susehelp is pretty good
i need to try it sometime
neophyte_viian alternative method of taking a screenshot would be: alt+f2, ksnapshot
png and jpg format
oops, i should read the entire initial answer ;P
sPiNneophyte_vii, dont ever change your nick
[daemon]neophyte_vii: what SUSEhelp just told is ksnapshot
neophyte_vii: simply press prntscrn to see
neophyte_viii love you guys hahhaha
how do youdo that ?.
action[daemon] rolls his eyes
[daemon]rolls his eyes
[daemon]!topic @ octo_
actionSUSEhelp cries and shouts READ THE TOPIC!!!
SUSEhelpcries and shouts READ THE TOPIC!!!
actionSUSEhelp cries and shouts READ THE TOPIC!!!
SUSEhelpcries and shouts READ THE TOPIC!!!
octo_so, you need to know the right words to make susehelp help you ?
aka_druidnow not even the right words will make him talk...
octo_the printscreen didnt work for me
sPiNare you in gnome?
sPiNdo you have a microsoft keyboard?
octo_i tryed to paste in gimp, but i didnt see anything in my clipboard anyway
sPiNyou need to turn off that fucking function lock key
joe_coderI'm able to add my usb wifi adapter via yast (it findsit on its own, lsmod shows it's loaded, lsusb shows it''s attached, yast even names it correctly), but knetworkmanager says no devices found.
Flobbie@pin: can you say me what I have to do
octo_wow, you have animosity toward the function key lol
Flobbiewith my extern drive

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