#suse - Fri 11 May 2007 between 00:03 and 01:31

kdepepo_yast offers me to update kernel-default, is it recommended on a running system, or should i go to single user mode
sPiNkdepepo_, it is fine, it will not actually change till after reboot
kdepepo_ah okey
i still havent found the new bzip2 package, i dont remember where i got it from on my other machine... actually it had splitted libbzip2
i had hoped the updater finds it :)
lontrai wish i knew why i couldn't get beryl to work ... it works fine in every other distro except suse
kdepepo_i got beryl to run on suse, but only on nvidia, where neither aiglx nor xgl is required
lontra/me ponders the Ku -- word again
boris55just read the suse 10.3 roadmap. first week in october woo hoo. 10 months in the making.
kdepepoand what got improved
lontralinux hates my synaptics mouse ... when ever processes are really cranking ... i.e. yast is running ... my mouse is nonresponsive or worse it jumps all over the screen
joe_coderanyone know why my usb wifi shows up in iwconfiig but knetworkmanager shows no devices found.
stephanscan someone please help with pam_mount?
gringosI formatted my pen drive with encrypted reiser... how do I mount it ?
Cherockhi all
Anybody want to look at two snapshots and tell me why under K3b the CD-RW will not mount properly?
Anybody awake in this part of the world?
stephanscan someone please help with pam_mount? I get : pam_mount: error trying to retrieve authtok from auth code
instructions: http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/feature/15354.html
Cherockwell, I guess I will get a hold of K3b tomorrow and see what they have to say, thanks
gringoswhat would the fstab entry look like for a password drive ?
stephansgringos: never ever put a clear text password in a file anywhere..
penguinplayeranyone know a thing or 2 about mail exhanger and all that nonsense
ronaldorezecan anyone help-me? I had some problems since I installed the nvidia driver.
penguinplayerwhats that
ronaldorezeafter the install of the driver, the logo of nvidia appeared and then a message saying that my system had configured automatically. But after that, my system break.
ZanQdoronaldoreze, did you installed the easy way or compiling kernel?
ronaldorezecompiling kernel. I tryed the easy way too. But it doesnt work.
ZanQdoI know
did you ran sax2?
the problem was after sax2
sax2 -...0=nvidia

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