#suse - Thu 10 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:24

wolfit does have two network cards because the on board one nolonger works but under Windows the other does fine and I just uninstall the bad one
Cstolworthyis there a command to see what what user I am logged in as?
lontraanyone know if kde4 will use opensuse's kickoff menu?
Cstolworthydoes opensuse not handle spaces in a directory path?
ayande^does anyone know were i can activate net usershare
Supaplexcstolworthy: id. whoami. and quote spaces "foo bar/blah bleh/"
jlowellhey folks
jlowellgot an issue, installed nvidia driver, did all the nvidia-xconfig stuff, but then when I restarted x I now get only a blank white screen... and cant even ctrl+bckspc out of it...
CstolworthyI am trying to mount a windows share then have azureus download files there. However I think there is a problem with Azureus recognizing path names
jlowellwhat can I do?
Cstolworthyis there by chance a tutorial?
sjonescstolworthy, any error messages?
Cstolworthythe torrent imports fine, but the error shown in azureus is Error: /mnt
I have the share mounted at /mnt/torrent
sjonesthat's the complete message?
Cstolworthyi don't see any logs, so yes
sjonesjlowell, ctrl-alt-bkspc doesn't kill it?
CstolworthyI don't think it is escaping the strings properly
sjonescstolworthy, the file chooser doesn't care about spaces or the lack thereof.
sjonesmight be a permissions problem. are you able to write to that share at all?
jlowellsjones: no
sjonesjlowell, does the login screen come up?
jlowellsjones: no directly to white screen
sjonesyou never see the nvidia logo?
jlowellsjones: no :(
sjoneswhich nvidia driver did you install?
Cstolworthywhen I try to cd to /mnt/torrent/Stargate SG1 it says its invalid. However when I do cd /mnt/torrent/Stargate\ SG1/ it works
sjonescstolworthy, that's because a path/filename with spaces needs to be escaped or enclosed in quotes on the commandline. GUIs don't care, because they take care of that for you.
wolfsjones aassisted me earlier and many thanks now I have a new issue the install gets past the menu but know comes to a halt at a line that states "NET: Registered protocol family 2" anyone seen this one before
sjoneswolf, http://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Installation_hangs_at_%22NET:_Registered_Protocol_Family_2%22
stephanscan someone help me understand the software management in suse...
wolfcd goes quit and the KB looks like it locked up
jlowellsjones: what do you think?
stephanscan someone help me understand the software management in suse... anyone?
sjonesstephans, vague questions can't really get an answer

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