#suse - Sat 7 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:16

en1gmai just had to do a freaking formant
no joke
JakeConno1are there any programs to help debug soap applications?
en1gmayou know the list og vga codes for grub that lets you select your screen res? where can i find a chart
or some info
or what do i put in google
ko|2upti got it
en1gmagot what
pjvcmon man i don't have all day.
en1gmako|2upt wuzzup
ko|2uptsup hold onlol
en1gmai dont have beryl anymore
i formatted
i had problems
and screwed my system to hell
joshjoshberyl is too screwy for my system
XTGoldxgl is a big problem
joshjoshand with the beryl/compiz merger...it's only going to get wackier until things settle down and they start fixing them
en1gmako|2upt got it working great for me but i did all the commands in su and going back to user screwed me up
but it was working great at one time
right now i working on another prob
my wife
okay whats the problem now enigma
pjvKolin\: is that cash on your right hand?
pjvko|2upt: rather :)
ko|2upti was at the fair
pjvaight i believe you
ko|2uptjust got done paying and the guy snaped the picure of us
pjvbbl gotta do some work

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