#suse - Mon 30 Apr 2007 between 02:50 and 00:04

GuHHHkkathman: on ubuntu i just need apt-get install xserver-xgl :P
kkathmanGuHHH: beats me Im not on ubuntu, hence the reason im here :)
GuHHHaka_druid: no one seems to want to help there ;P
kkathmanGuHHH: are you on debian?
GuHHHkkathman: sadly, yes.
hmm dunno
GuHHHgrrr :-(
i hate debian + fglrx ;P
if i could run radeon driver, i would be happy ;P
kkathmansuse is pretty dang easy to install XGL but its harder in deb based systems for some reason ( not as hard on ubuntu - I think its a series of apt-gets)
linux + ATI = disaster
not because of linux tho
GuHHHon ubuntu its simple...
i have it running on it
GuHHHbut on debian it seems impossible, lol
kkathmandebianites seems to take pride that everything is much harder :)
GuHHHkkathman: lol, exactly what i think... lol!
GuHHHthats why i hate debian geeks :X
kkathmanim not trying to be a smart alek - I just remember once, when I tried to install, it was a rather hostile place for newbies -this was years ago tho
aka_druidhttp://sonique54.free.fr/xgl/xgl.htm How To Install XGL and Compiz on Debian Etch (Testing) by sonique
GuHHHkkathman: you are damn right... i sign under :-)
aka_druidfirst link in "xgl debian" in google...
kkathmanthere ya go aka_druid got you at least a limb to hold on to :)
GuHHHaka_druid: thanks but i'd use its script and messed up everything, not even my X worked anymore
kkathmanso much for that limb :)
GuHHHit doesnt even installs XGL, strange :D
wait a second
that's not going to work in your case lol
jwisherhmm :S
i-nZhaha i thought of something hehehehe
install minimal system at home
then copy that to a partition to the dedicated server
add grub/lilo entry
if it boots, just install all of the other software and get rid of 9.3

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