#suse - Tue 3 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:07

pedrogodam im noob =X
billboforealdoeits ok pedro me too
sarnoldpedro: profile for what?
pedrohmm .. i thought i need a profile ..
billboforealdoesupa, you give up on me :/
pedrobut this has my name .. i gess suse made it for mr ..
billboforealdoewhen you installed it should of had you set it up
filpI'm thinking about building a list of MD5s of the destination directory and source directory, removing any similar instances. Then copying files from source to destination and update names if there's a conflict
pedroset up ? wot u mean . that suse uses default profiles to creat mirc profiles ..
that's odd .. .. i think
pedroisnt this a mirc client?
konversation ..
Supaplexirssi > xchat > bitchx > ircii > mirc
billboforealdoeoh yeah
sarnoldmirc is a windows program.
billboforealdoeim on gaim
actionjengelh slaps Supaplex
jengelhslaps Supaplex
refrain from posting nonsense please
pedro.. welll i gess im morre noob than the normal noobs..
billboforealdoeI always think its gayaim
pedroon gaim .. oh .. right ..
Supaplexjengelh: > means better than (and yes, it's only my opinion)
pedroi culd use it to ..
jengelhsupaplex: You cannot compare textmode programs to gui ones
pedroi use gaim .. but for msn ..
sarnoldjengelh: sure you can..
SupaplexI just did.
sarnoldjengelh: i -much- prefer irssi to xchat because irssi is easily used from multiple hosts -- just screen -x or screen -RAD and you're re-attached..
billboforealdoeim using it for irc and aim
Supaplexso, curl and wget can't compare to kget?
sarnoldjengelh: that's a feature that is difficult to have with xchat, so it makes sense to me to point it out ..
pedroso this chanel .. every one uses suse ?..
Supaplexfor sure. I'm running it in screen right now. It's even started from my crontab @reboot
sarnoldSupaplex: ooh.
billboforealdoeI am now but I use to be ubuntu for a day, but I thought suse would solve my sound and I really like beryl
jengelhsupaplex: Not on a preference level.
!suse @ pedro
actionSUSEhelp uses suse all the time @ pedro
SUSEhelpuses suse all the time @ pedro
pedroi c .. i have a ati x700...

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