#suse - Wed 25 Apr 2007 between 00:03 and 00:15

kalifornia909i need help updating my hardware raid drivers
i think its called mdam
or something lol
brianwmdadm is sw raid
and mdadm is not drivers but userland tools
brianwwhat is it you want/need to do?
kalifornia909im trying to run ubuntu and suse. i have suse installed on a raid partiiton but ubuntu does not see the array. im trying to update mdadm so ubuntu can see it
brianwso ask #ubunut
simber@seek spss
kalifornia909how can i update the mdadm in suse so it is already there
brianwkalifornia909: and you need more than mdadm, you also need kernel raid drivers
kalifornia909: you can't
kalifornia909: it is ubuntu which needs support, not suse
kalifornia909brianw, i see. i was talking to someone in here that was running raid 5 with suse and ubuntu and he said all he had to do is update his mdadm
Princbrianw: this is the part of boot-up where the connection appears
i took a (bad) picture from my cell phone
and it says done on the other side
brianwI can't see anythung related to ppp
Princthe dsl0 starts up
brianwPrinc: output of /etc/init.d/network status
brianwdo you have a /etc/init.d/dsl0 ?
Princ-bash: /etc/init.d/dsl0: No such file or directory
SUSEhelpRumour has it rpm is not an equivlent to apt
Princit looks like not...
kalifornia909how do i install a file ending in rpm
aTypicalkalifornia909, by using rpm.
brianwkalifornia909: right click, actions > install w/ yast
Princ: ifconfig dsl0
Princdsl0: error fetching interface information: Device not found
why it said done on boot-up?? (wonders)
brianwPrinc: ifconfig ppp0
Princppp0: error fetching interface information: Device not found
brianwPrinc: ifconfig -a

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