#suse - Tue 24 Apr 2007 between 00:08 and 00:17

brianwHikoHaieto: odd though
HikoHaietobrianw: both the nodes and the blocks show space left
brianwHikoHaieto: did you use `rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-empty` at all?
brianwHikoHaieto: well there is always reserved space for root...
fsckris there any way to get rid of or replace the slab menu?
brianwi think 5% by default
HikoHaietoI'm on root when I can't put files on it
fsckrto use something else
brianwiGotIt: it is trying to ping the host "ping" ?
iGotItno, the ip
aeroevanfsckr: right click -> remove
brianwPing request could not find host ping
iGotIti am very sorry brianw
by mistake i have type 2 times ping, sorry :(
i can ping now that i[p
brianwiGotIt: ok, so it is dns problem, use these two dns servers: and
iGotIton suse or XP?
iGotIti entered them
should i disconect now this pppoe and see if i can use the suse one?
brianwping google.com
iGotIt: ?
iGotItgot reply
brianwi thought suse was connewcted to ppowe?
iGotItright now suse is connected with my username to pppoe
and on XP i am connected with my friends username because i cant use suse internet connection
otherwise i wont be able to be here :)
brianwiGotIt: suse has a irc client...
iGotIti didn't know that and probably i dont know how to use it
should the connection work now?
brianwiGotIt: and that ping test is meaningless unless you are connected the way it will be...
iGotIt: I doubt it,
iGotIthow can i get here from suse (text-mode)?
brianwiGotIt: connect everything and some in here in suse so we can find out thwat the problem is
iGotIt: install irssi
iGotIt: then open irrsi and type this: /connect irc.freenode.net , then /join #suse
be right back
ronartoshow to add the recent document to old kde menu style? not the opensuse KDE-menu

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