#suse - Mon 23 Apr 2007 between 02:06 and 02:18

herbertFirecap, reset gnome? For resetting kde I always remove some .-folders in my home-dir.
kkathmanooop thats weird
herbertFirecap, The .-folders may contain info on other apps too.
FireSlashherbert, I JUST INSTALLED it.
An hour ago
It was fine, till I rebooted for the first time.
SUSEhelpRumour has it sata is introduced in 2003 if i remember correctly
herbertFireSlash: does kde work?
FireSlashherbert, Dunno. KDE isn't installed.
herbertFireSlash: I guess you configered stuff before you rebooted, or maybe you have some app that is unwanted.
FireSlash: If you've just installed, why not revove som .-folders
FireSlashherbert, I just turned on xgl and compiz. But I've already sifted through all the associated folders and found nothing that would cause that
herbertFireSlash: xgl screwed up my alt ctrl esc thing to kill stuff, so .....
actionherbert uses beryl and kde
herbertuses beryl and kde
FireSlashThis doesn't help me.
herbertFireSlash: You can sqay what you want, but I wouldn't be wondered if xgl and beryl changed some stuff in you shortcut settings. Maybe selected something for accesebility.
FireSlash: Beryl has this accessebility tab
FireSlashherbert, All of those features are disabled. I double checked.
herbertFireSlash: I'm sure you did, but what's against trying to turn of xgl/compiz.?
mikey_i was running k3b then i killed it now it wont start
herbertmikey, I think it wasn't killed properly
use the ksysguard to check if it is stil running.
pcapazziDoes anyone in here use an SATA controller?
mikey_is running 5 times
herbertpcapazzi: who not
mikey, kill them all.
pcapazziWell... I mean a seperate controller card... :)
herbertmikey, know how to do that?
mikey_as root in console?
pcapazziI have an ASUS with sis180 raid that was unsupported by Linux... I got an SIS card that does have linux support... except it doesn't seem to boot from the new controller card
herbertthere's a command too, probably goes like: kill -all k3b, but I wont try that because I dont know the exact semantics and syntax.
pcapazziThe install went fine... but I simply can boot from the new controller card (2 SATA, non-raid... )
Onboard SATA is disabled too.
herbertmikey, if it wont work in a normal one.
mikey, dont do the kill command
mikey, I'm not sure what it does, and kill is quite a nast word you know.
mikey, wish I never metioned it.

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