#suse - Wed 18 Apr 2007 between 07:15 and 07:25

GwayneOpenTokix, The tools in sles are a bit more advanced in the area of mail management ldap and the kernel is primed for processing and not as a desktop as in opensusre
OpenTokixGwayne: ok
Gwayne: but the file layout etc. is the same? yast works the same?
GwayneOpenTokix, All the same, atually they are just different builds
OpenTokixGwayne: ok, nice - just what I was wondering!
GwayneOpenTokix, Only the latest SLES is build 10.0 and opensuse is now 10.2
OpenTokixGwayne: Im installing opensuse in vmware now =) - I guess it would be a bad thing(tm) to break the prism =)
arscx> writing mode on k3b may be affect on iso-linux?
GwayneOpenTokix, You can also down sles btw
arand what is data-mode in advansed settings in k3b...
scxar: sure
ar: good point
OpenTokixGwayne: don't I have gto pay for it?
scxar: burn it at 2x
GwayneOpenTokix, The evaluation version of sles is full functioned and wont expire except for the updates
OpenTokixGwayne: ok, good to know
GwayneOpenTokix, No, you pay for the support.
scxar: the drive might be too old to accept higher speeds
OpenTokixGwayne: ahh
scxar: or the lowest if k3b refuses 2x
GwayneOpenTokix, More questions ?
OpenTokixGwayne: not right now - it's installing now =)
GwayneOpenTokix, Success and welcome in suse world :)
OpenTokixGwayne: =) im a debian/ubuntu-man!
GwayneOpenTokix, We all are once in a while :)
Gwayne: anyway the machine is cool =)
Gwayne: im adminning =)
Gwayne: hooked up to a vr-teather and stuff
Gwayne: http://www.sgi.com/products/remarketed/prism/ <-- that one =)
GwayneOpenTokix, Nice, it seems that I just found my next machine.....
OpenTokixGwayne: hehe =) - it's huge
Gwayne: And expensive =)
GwayneOpenTokix, Yeah, I did build some 8 proc 16 GB machines last year.
OpenTokixGwayne: awesome
GwayneOpenTokix, Yeah they where, with a 4 TB storage
OpenTokixGwayne: *drol*
GwayneOpenTokix, Not the biggest my biggest so far if 5.5 TB storage all dedicated to one machine :)

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