#suse - Fri 13 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 01:15

sjonesqweqweqwe, apparently being able to change just the clock's font was an unecessary feature that would confuse the users.
qweqweqwesjones: yes, because everyone needs a 5 point sized clock :-)
brianwsjones: ywag gnome devs tend to make those decisions alot...
qweqweqweit's insance, less than half the size of my mouse pointer heh
SUSEhelp-B> 0=3;>O7KG=K9 :0=0;, 2K <>65B5 >1I0BLAO =0 @CAA:>< =0 :0=0;5 #openSUSE.ru
qweqweqwehaving said that though, openSUSE 10.2 is one of the nicest systems ever imho
actionqweqweqwe shudders at the concepts involved in getting apache to proxy stuff
qweqweqweshudders at the concepts involved in getting apache to proxy stuff
brianwway too much mod_rewrite hacking :)
boris55who's using alpha 3?
cenuijsorry, not i
got too much work on
soon though!
actionlin_ squashes a knat onto the screen, cleans it..... I hate spring!!!
lin_squashes a knat onto the screen, cleans it..... I hate spring!!!
I hate insects
and most living things
boris55insects are the worst part of summer. wha's bugging you?
lin_boris55, heh, i need air.con. so i can shut the window... and possibly overclock my box at the same time ..:P
henriquev-caiusjones, brianw, oh no, thanks, but now I've another problem... My dad is at the other computer using jabber, grrrr :(
RobocopOK.I need a little advice here please installing ati driver :(
>>bit vague instructions I have me thinks
lin_!ati @ Robocop
SUSEhelpRobocop: Check out: http://en.opensuse.org/ATI_Driver # And/or: http://en.opensuse.org/Howto/ATI_Driver
RobocopSuseHelp...Im there....its that bit about where it says the driver is here /usr/src/packages/RPMS/i386 .....do I type that in terminal and then init 3?....or do I jsut type in init 3 and then go to that directory?
lin_Robocop, may i suggest you read the instructions all the way through once, then do the actual install
RobocopLin.Ive read them many times....Im at the end of stage 2 .start of stage 3 :)
lin_Robocop, if you had done that you would realise, exactly what you need to do, (you would know the answer if you read 4 sentences ahead of were you are now)
type init 3
then exactly as the how to says, cd /usr/src/packages/RPMS/i386
Robocop..I think in root I just type in init 3 then go to the /usr.src/packaages/i386 directory and then follow the install driver package section
lin_then rpm -Uvh fgl*.rpm
Robocoplin.see what I mean.i was going to that directory 1st then init 3.the instructions were a bit vague...but thabks.I can be here to carry.clever pc setup here :)
lin_Robocop, in any case it would not have made any difference which you did first in that specific step
Robocoplin.well Im just rebooting now and Im going to that directory

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