#suse - Wed 11 Apr 2007 between 06:27 and 06:33

Daverocksko|2upt: like a proxy?
tacitI should change my policy.
Daverockstacit: lol
ko|2uptim looking to change my ip so it will be bogus that way my ip isnt logged into some shit heads computer
tacitko|2upt: you have 192.168.... anyway :-)
ko|2uptand the location of this computer
tacit yes
darkhacksaidly there isn't any new version of STD live cd
Daverocksko|2upt: the problem is that you need have some address with which people are going to communicate with, and to be file sharing, you will be "logged into some shit heads computer"
njdubeThe only LEGAL way I can think of to port redirect off someone's IP is to use Tor.
at dave
Daverocksbut that's onion routing, not port redirecting
ko|2uptmaybe i should reword this iraa
Daverocksdon't get me wrong, tor is great
actiontacit will fix computers for sexual favours.
tacitwill fix computers for sexual favours.
ko|2uptso it will ge the job done
Daverocksi feel sorry for the people who run tor servers, they've been banned from so many sites because of abuse >.>
Kilikowhy will not YaST2 start with X when i use 'ssh -X' i have x-libs installd
Daverockstacit: wouldn't we all ;)
judas_iscariotetacit: already happended to you eh ?
Daverockskiliko: what's the error?
njdubeIf you're wanting to hide your IP the only other way other then tor is proxy servers or a trojan on some windows machine running a hidden proxy server.
tacitDaverocks: Well that one time I was invited to the dormitory of the (englisch... nurse?) school at the university hospital
KilikoDaverocks, nopp its start up with ncurses
darkhackrjdube got a point there
tacitjudas_iscariote: no, my girlfriend was around
tacitbut great cooking
actionDaverocks is listening
Daverocksis listening
tacitThey just all want one thing, and one thing only.
darkhackif someone have an old pc and turn it into a router or server that can change ip randomly
Daverockskiliko: echo $DISPLAY
njdubeTor alone though wont do it. You need to added some stuff to firefox to block scrips and java and what not. You should also use privoxy with tor.

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