#suse - Tue 10 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:07

nullbnxbeta[a], i need to get the firewall off the damn computer and get something better
beta[a]what null?
nullbnxbeta[a], i left it on =/
beta[a]it might still be allowing port 137-139 through
disable it real quick... but i doubt that's the underlying issue
i have 3 computers running just fine with each other... my freebsd router, my opensuse lappy, and my vista lappy
nullbnxbeta[a], good setup, fbsd =)
beta[a], nope not working
joshjoshbeta[a]: how do you like vista?
beta[a]samba on bsd and suse... security level set to share... and i mapped the user Guest to my primary account
once i got USED to vista, it's ok
nullbnxvista is not bad if your just a normal user/gamer... it looks pretty, but pain in the but to get to do little stuff (like share a hard drive)
right click the drive, select SHARE
nullbnxbeta[a], have you gotten it to share a hard drive or nething other than a printer / public folder
its disbale
grayed out
and i cant figure out why
beta[a]hold on a second... lemme check something on my vista bawx
im about to be done w/ it and just put the removeable hd on my suse box along w/ my printer... that way it can have access and i can also have access from vista
beta[a]ok... is the "Share..." option on the right-click menu greyed out?
nullbnxno ideas?
is yours grayed out too?
beta[a]looking around
i have my primary account in the admin group
and i have AUC disabled
go to control panel -> network and sharing center
(gotta love the names)
nullbnxthere already
ya no joke
beta[a]make sure all dem is on
nullbnxalready have
beta[a]make sure you're set to "private" network
not "public"

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