#suse - Wed 7 Mar 2007 between 00:08 and 00:47

BZMhow have idea about it?
SUSEhelpfor instructions about installing flash flash9 chek: http://opensuse-community.org/Restricted_Formats/Flash9
Does flash work in x86_64 ?
Cpudan80propagandhi: you just did that in ##windows
No reason to flood all the channels...
doolinanyone try beryl with opensuse 10.2?
Hil^Billywhat's beryl?
doolingl window manager
Cpudan80Hil^Billy: It's a fancy window manager if you have a kick-butt graphics card
err well - decent card
Hil^Billyok ... might be a neat toy
Cpudan80If you like the Aero interface in Vista, or the equiv in Mac - you might like Beryl
There is some other one based on OpenGL or something, not sure what's it's called...
compiz maybe
SUSEhelpBeryl is a composite manager (fork of compiz). To install it on openSUSE, see http://en.opensuse.org/Beryl
brianw!beryl is a horrible window manager?
Cpudan80Doesn't it just use the same window manager you had?
it just kinda runs on top of it like?
brianwCpudan80: no
Cpudan80well I mean
you still use GNOME/KDE
brianwbut you no longer use kwin
kwin is the window manager for kde
i think it is nautilus for gnome
krinnshi all
i have installed oracle on suse all good
buti have ntp running and seems its sync with international servers
brianwkrinns: so edit ntp.conf
krinnswith when i do winscp to copy some files from otacle machine to my win box it give time of that file 10 hrs difference
brianwkrinns: maybe one box is set to UTC time, and the other is set to locqal time
all should be set to UTC
seriouslycgihow do i make some space? i thought 3 gb would be enough space for opensuse 0.2 but with updates and few extra software i only have 180mb left what can i remove?
sPiNseriouslycgi, wow you under shot it big time
all is UTC

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