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Joe4USMCI believe it's the last option on the first menu that pops up.
How do I change the view-type in "My Pictures" directory and leave it 'normal' for all of the other dirs ??
using Konqueror.
nyc-h0sthi all i have a very interesting problem, 1 ide drive and 1 sata drive, sata is windows xp ide is linux (suse) grub is on /hda1 which is the first partition on my ide drive, how can i make grub install itself in the MBR of the sata drive?
victorhnyc-h0st: I have the same problem when putting another hard disk in my system.
Joe4USMCI found the dumb checkbox I've been looking for. Disregard my previous inquiry.
victorhwhat I tried to do was changing the order of the hard disks in the BIOS, so the first hard disk (the one with the MBR) was the first sata
and tried to install grub again
unfortunately it didn't work out, so the MBR remains in my ide hard disk
nyc-h0stwhat about leaving grub on the ide and booting off the ide?
because the darn installer would not let me install grub on sda
victorhthat's what happened to me
I leave grub on the ide
no problem at all
nyc-h0stwell if its only a matter of booting ide before sata i dont have a probelm with that :-)
i just hope the bios doesnt start reporting drives in a different order once i do this
azahidcan someone tell me what is rpm-sys channel in smart. it seems to get added automatically
victorhnyc-h0st: I set up the ide as the first hard disk in the BIOS, I did not notice any change in the order even though I've booted hundred of times after that
actionIrishW0lf is away: Gone away for now.
IrishW0lfis away: Gone away for now.
azahidcan someone tell me what is rpm-sys channel in smart. it seems to get added automatically
hole_is there any way to get the apt-get command in suse?
i mean
get apt
azahidhole, use smart package manager it is better than apt
azahidyes, it handles dependencies better than apt
actionhole_ can install smart from an rpm/
hole_can install smart from an rpm/
azahidi am not an expert on this, but that's what i have found
add guru's source to yast and then install smart and smart-gui
hole_cool also i didn't mean to use the /me command
azahidit can handle rpm, deb both
on suse!?!?
suse has deb sources too
and that works too
goto http://susewiki.org/index.php?title=SMART_Package_Manager, it will help
hole_lemme get this straight,i can install .deb packages on suse with smart
YoMediaHas anybody seen the proposed boot screens and such for 10.3? It's at the openSUSE wiki, search for 'branding'

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