#suse - Sun 4 Mar 2007 between 01:07 and 01:13

kkathmanwilberfan: mplayer and beryl dont like each other much
wilberfanI had mplayer running a little this afternoon... what did you do?
wrastusmplayer hasn't ever liked me
kkathmanif you open mplayer, and play a video and then try to pull the viewing window bigger, it will lock the system
wrastuskkathman, amarok does that too
wilberfangawd, now I have to try it....
kkathmanbut if you just right click and choose the size beryl is ok with it
wrastusit doesn't lock the system
kkathmannah I have no problems with amarok wrastus
wilberfani have no probs with amarok, either...
kkathmanthis is a beryl thing :)
wilberfan(just tried it)
wrastuslogin as root
rcxdm restart
i don't know if it is beryl or emerald
kkathmanyeah I mean it locked the system - no keyboard - no mouse...no NOTHING
well it happens to me when i resize amarok when i am using beryl only
kkathmanso when I rebooted, swiftfox wouldnt load - had to reinstall ff + swiftfox
hmm lemme try that
wrastusi'm using beryl on xorg + aiglx nvidia
not xgl
wilberfankkathman: I just resized my mplayer window... no prob....
wrastusi think xgl was a little snappier in displaing fx, but i also think it was less stable overall
kkathmannope no problem with sizing the window in amarok
actionkkathman inserts another bug into wilberfan 's beryl
kkathmaninserts another bug into wilberfan 's beryl
wrastusmy subjective opinion anyways
oh, o
i'm using the beryl snapshot
kkathmanwilberfan: while you were playing a video tho?
wilberfanyeah... it's still playing....
wrastusso maybe that's why my beryl breaks with amarok
I'll check
wrastus - Im on snapshots...yesterday's release
wilberfanmeeee tooooooo!
kkathmanok funny - tonight it works

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