#suse - Sat 3 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:23

sjonesI'm not sure what the threshold or length is, tbh.
The bot belongs to Nermal.
mekslaanyone know why when i do a sax -r then test the configureation that my monitor shuts off
wilberfan2kkathman: this is the section I want, correct: " Beryl with X.org AIGLX or native NVIDIA" ?
kkathmanno, you want Beryl with NVIDIA drivers, no XGL with AIGLX
wilberfan2 at tleast thats what I did (at sPiN 's) counseling)
mekslacan anyone help me with my ati vid card
wilberfan2well, if it's good enough for Obi-Wan, then....
it's a little misleading: " Beryl with nVidia drivers - no Xgl/AIGLX"
makes it sound like "no Xgl OR AIGLX" (at least to me)
[ shrugs ]
kkathmanwilberfan2 it doesnt use Xorg's AIGLX, but instead uses NVIDIA's
wilberfan2well... X came back up... so so-far-so-good.... [ swallows ]
(hey, is it possible to start something from a terminal and have the terminal window close (and leave the thing you started running?)?
hmm...beryl must have left behind some config files...cuz all my settings seemed to have been saved...
(i uninstalled 0.1.4 before installing whatever today's release is called...)
[ crickets chirping ]
|\Sushihi all
cchild!quit t o go play halo
wilberfan2|\Sushi: hey...
everyone else must have ditched us and gone out for beer, or something....
[ shrugs ]
qwatorcan anyone help me get around this permission problem on my dvd drive
sue-amarokerqwator - whats up?
JolyRoger./configure didn't find gcc or cc compiler
where can it be? :)
wilberfan2oh man, that's not fair... my mouse just stopped responding...thought beryl froze!!
qwatori've backed up files and books on a dvd before updating to 10.2 from 10.1, now i'm trying to copy the files back from the dvd but it won't let me
|\SushiI have a problem with suse 10.2 update :(
wilberfan2(turns out I'd just stepped on the KVM switch!) LOL!
wilberfan2[ pant-pant! ]
sue-amarokerqwator - whats the error\
qwatorthe files are there, i can see them, and my partners xp pc can copy them but suse won't
wilberfan2(hey, sue...)
sue-amarokerwilber - hey!!
wilberfan2[ waves ]
sue-amarokerqwator - are you using gnome or kde
qwator"could not read file" kde
wilberfan2(a kiwi? cool...)

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