#suse - Thu 29 Mar 2007 between 02:00 and 22:16

japerryanyone know where evolution 2.6 stores its data?
it doesn't seem to be in .evolution
Carsten-do a search for .conf files?
japerrywell I think something else is going on
japerryI delete the .evolution folder and an error popsup
Carsten-did anyone see my question?
japerrythis evolution-data-server is keeping files somewhere
kkathmansorry I cant help, I dont use gnome
ccj~/.evolution or some crap, dunno
Carsten-hello lordjavius
ccjThis is *NO* spanish channel. Period.
Carsten-Is anyone able to answer my question?
ccjno question
Carsten-pardon ccj?
Carsten-hi guys, Im hoping someone might be able to shed some light on an install prob I am having, when I get to the point just where it asks if I want a new install or upgrade, I press new install and it come back with an error: cd:///?devices=/dev/hda source rejected by user
that is my question
ccjno idea
i dropped yast
Carsten-I have tried to use the safe install, but it just freezes
TommyOaccording to KDE the K means nothing
ccjwell it could mean vomit in german
nisq_57Not true TommyO - That is where I got the discription of KDE
bulent_okti believe KDE is succesor of CDE and i have idea what C in CDE stands for
nisq_57KDE is Kwin Desktop Enviroment
bulent_oktpen and paper
DrXI've got a 1GB USB thumb drive (could break the 2GB file and move it in pieces, but sounds like a drag)
bulent_oktyou said u have a netware share use it
DrXI've got an external SCSI tape drive but it's never been connected to this server and I'd have to add a SCSI controller (which I do also have)
oh, and I only have 35 mins
sarnoldDrX: hrm, only 35 mins??
DrX: you can use 'split' to easily split the file into whatever size chunks you need
DrX: and then use 'cat' to reassemble the pieces
DrX: hopefully that'd be quick enough with th thumb drive..
DrXbulent_okt, can Linux connect to Netware easily/

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