#suse - Wed 28 Mar 2007 between 20:28 and 20:41

beta[a]ln -s (primary path) (link name)
ko|2uptis a simple command i just cant remember it its like two letters
yea thats it thanks
beta[a]yeah... no experience with ati on new lappies....
but here's something you might not have known... (because i got several lawsuit threats from ATI)...
octowell, it does it witht he yast sofware installer running too
beta[a]i wrote driver hacks for windows for the IGP320M... b/c it's really a 7500
cargilebeta: please join #menu.lst for one sec
octobut those are the only two i have seen so far
victorhI installed the latest one, and I have an improvement from 143 frames/sec to 160 frames/sec using beryl benchmark
beta[a]hold on folks... need to help cargile
Sinisterhow can you see how many kb your computer has up/down loaded sence reboot ?
ccjSinister: it's not really recorded
you need some additional monitoring program, fwiw
octobeta[a]: where can you tell amorak to use opebGl?
and, why would amorak need it?
beta[a]well octo: i'm not sure on amarok... but since you have the nvidia drivers - you need to tell it to render you video using openGL (accelarated) (spelling)
octoyea, it is all working right
just doesnt last long lol
beta[a]i know...
octountill it gets a glitch
Sinisterwhat monitoring program would store that info ?
beta[a]install kaffeine
octoim goin to try aixgl
beta[a]Sin: iftop
octoiwell, it happens on more than one prog
beta[a]that monitors your network connections
octoit happens on yast too
i just want to see if i can isolate it
beta[a]i understand
but kaffeine uses xine to render
you'll have to install mplayer, as well, for all the correct codecs
beta[a]but if you open kaffeine, there's an option to configure xine plugins (codecs) and you can tell it what driver to use for rendering
like i said - i do not use amarok
octoyea, i know
beta[a]i can install it real quick :)
victorhfor ati users, the new driver 8.35.5 is much better
bill-barrierenon men on a passer par le D7 et on a rouller le serveur a travers 3 departement et 3 ancanseur pour sy rendre sans emprunter de marcher :P
mmm wrong windows

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