#suse - Tue 27 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:17

mtgibbsjffmriii_: I was going to boot from CD
jffmriii_mtgibbs you can do that
mtgibbs did you read that article
mtgibbs you can also use U3 and boot from usb with os enabled
raynebcjffmriii_, it keeps saying cannot find the image. Which directory am I supposed to give it?
The UNC path to the i586 folder of my share is \\\f\suse\i586
jffmriii_rayebc usually the root
raynebcI give as the server IP, F as the share name, and I have been trying various things for the "directory" that it wants
mtgibbsI don't think it'll boot from USB - it's a pII
jffmriii_rayebc is this an image or direcrotyr
raynebcIt's the directory of the install DVD for OpenSuse
jffmriii_mtgibbs probably not
rayebc that should work
rayebc give me a sec ill look up
mtgibbsI'm more interested in using the hard disk as an install source instead of the net install
raynebcI tried leaving directory blank, and also trying "suse/i586" and "f/suse/i586"
gordy_auhi guys, im new to suse! is there an easy way to add things to the startup runlevel. Ive just been making links in rc3.d.
mtgibbsgordy_au: use YaST
jffmriii_raynbc what version 10.2
raynebcYes, 10.2
The folder I referenced above contains thousands of RPM files, so I think that's the one
Depending on what I use for the directory, it will either say mount failure or "cannot find directory", so that must mean it is able to connect to my Windows machine..
mtgibbsgordy_au: YaST has a runlevel editor with many services listed. I'm not sure how to add something that's not listed, however
raynebcHave you used "insserv"?
jffmriii_raynebc have you tried putting in the .iso
raynebcI don't have an ISO for this, I just have the DVD burned
Does it only take an ISO?
jffmriii_read this see if it helps
raynebcI don't have a Linux machine yet to act as an NFS server
jffmriii_right but I didnt know if the directories would be the dame
gordy_authanks guys, yast doesnt have that option for me. looks like i'll have to stick to 'ln'
raynebcIf I make an ISO out of my DVD, and give the path to the ISO on the Samba share, would the network install take it?
jffmriii_did you try that directory
mtgibbsgordy_au: YaST doesn't have a runlevel editor? or are you trying to add something that is not in there?
raynebcjfmriii_, are you asking me?
jffmriii_raynebc yeppers

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