#suse - Mon 26 Mar 2007 between 00:14 and 01:12

boris55evening everyone.
wrastusany guru
knows why my xfs reads are so slow and writes are so fast?
satnone_without athentication is it at all possible to gain access to a published dotted file?
TealI know this is not related to suse, but I've got a problem I need solved fast. How do I save the images off a flash site?
Like if you press print, it will print it out.
But I don't have a coloured printer and so I want the images saved to print elsewhere where there is a coloured printer.
kkathmanshould be able to snapshot it then print it
TealHow do I snapshot? I'm windows I could press Crtl+Print Screen and it would copy the desktop then I could paste it into photoshop.
But here it doesn't seem to be working when trying to paste into The GIMP.
Radencan someone tell me why whenever i add a install repo that ysat just sits there twiddling its thumbs ?
mackasay there's a script that's run during init that has all its output redirected to dev null, but in that script I wanted to echo a few things and prompt the user for a couple of things. I don't have the ability to change the redirect - how could I achieve my goal?
Raden: it's downloading the package information. This can take a while. IMHO, Yast should tell you this and give you a progress bar. Better still - launch something to do it in the background while you keep working
actionMook wonders if macka can use stderr or something
Mookwonders if macka can use stderr or something
echo foo >&2
mackascript.sh &> /dev/null
tried that ;-)
a little more background - I'm building machines with autoyast. On the first boot I want to prompt for a couple of things - hostname, root pw and net info. Autoyast doesn't provide anywhere near enough features to automate this properly
would something like dialog help maybe?
that's still stdout isnt' it?
Radenmacka, no progress bar thats what worries me
mackain dialog? sure there is, but I don't need one - just a few prompts and a big screen that says "You're a moron if you don't do this"
Raden: oops.. you're talking about your problem
Raden: go get a coffee/coke/beer/scotch
Radendid that
ethernalqRaden: type this to see what yast is doing... tail -f /var/log/YaST2/y2log
Radennever had this issue till i got 10.2
mackaif [ -z $JOB]; then; repeat(); fi
pcapazziHey all.... how's everyone
mackacan anyone help me with my prob?
pcapazzi<- noob... probaby can't help ya
ethernalqmacka, can you echo to > /dev/console
pcapazziIf there's someone in here who can answer a question about scripting w3m lemme know.
(or other ideas for automating downloads from website through https that require a login
mackahaven't tried. might work. Guess I won't be able to prompt for things though
mackaI'll try that - it'll fix half my problem
Radenit just sits there with a spinny clock on the mouse cursor
Talon^quick question: (OpenSuSE 10.2) I installed KDE, and when I click links in other applications like IRC clients for a perfect example, my default browser happens to be konquerer, how do I change this?

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