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Healotkendrew: you need to convert those AVI files into MPEG-2/DVD compatible format first. and then you can burn a DVD- with k3b or something
jred184_in vi, what key do I use to insert the @ symbol?
ok, answered my own question
TealWhat's the difference between opensuse and sled?
SUSEhelpTo get help from me you can ask for keywords (factoids) in pvt with /msg SuSEhelp <factoid_name> . To search the keywords try /msg SuSEhelp search <string_to_search> (or check at http://susewiki.apanela.com/bot_help)
lorbritohey gusy
i have this problem
whit beryl
Checking for non power of two texture support : failed
`p4r14hanyone set up PPTP to connect to work vpn?
ballzeewhat do you use to burn a dvd to play on your tv from an avi ?
Radencan someone give me a repo for 10.2 soo i odnt have to use my stupid DVD TO install stuff all the time ?
or is there a way to copy DVD to my hard disk and use as a source
lorbritoi have this error when im trying to run beryl
Checking for non power of two texture support : failed
SUSEhelpFor a complete guide on adding all the necessary sources, see http://opensuse-community.org/Package_Sources
SUSEhelpCheck http://opensuse-community.org/Installing_Software
derrleyI have a question about personalization of KDE -- because I have a particularly crappy laptop panel, I need to stay away from 'grays' in my colors scheme. Currently, when a window is minimized, the text is gray. How do I change this? All I have found so far is change from "elegant" to "classic" etc.
cc_jengelhhm crap
powr failure
thank god I have an ups
Solaris444hi fellas.
Does anyone know where I can get the boxed copy of SuSE Linux 10.2?
rnartoshow can I save username and password in SMB4K without kde wallet??
Solaris444rnartos: I didn't know KDE Wallet did that.
But in answer to your question, you can't.
SUSEhelpFor multimedia and other restricted format (MP3,Encrypted DVD, DiVX,etc) issues, see http://opensuse-community.org/Restricted_Formats
mars^thank you :]
Hoki_Workintime to go
!de @schteff
SUSEhelpschteff: Hilfe auf Deutsch erhltst du im Channel #opensuse-de
nikitisI need some help with Suse Enterprise Linux 10 install. I just installed it but I can't get X to come up. I'm on a Dell 9300 Laptop. It's saying I have a fatal server error: No screens found. Could someone assist me?
daPhoenixnikitis: SLES or SLED?

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