#suse - Fri 2 Mar 2007 between 01:39 and 01:47

wilberfan2XP, Ubuntu, and openSuse 10.2
tries secret tri-boot handshake
dojeLOL, WinBorg - I never heard that one :-)
wilberfan2me neither....
EisBlade*sticks out 2 fingers and shakes back*
wilberfan2sounds like a tennis player...
EisBladeno? ha. it's a downloadable DVD, fully loaded/registered/hacked XP sp2, full of apps, firewalls..all you'd need to run with no need to contact MS for anything.
dojei was trying to make my machine tri-boot suse/xp/dos (for ghost) to no avail
actionkkathman cant remember the last time I actually booted my kubuntu partition :)
kkathmancant remember the last time I actually booted my kubuntu partition :)
I actually need to dump that first drive and reinstall on my second drive, but its too much trouble
EisBladewhy is that tri-b hard? install dos, install xp with it's menu to include DOS, then SuSE should pick up the XP.
wilberfanah...my first beryl glitch... I just ctrl-alt-backspaced and logged back in... desktop came up then went completely white...
kkathmanwilberfan: dont do that
EisBladeI need to do the same...want to switch from IDE to SATA all the way.
kkathmanlesson learned
why not, oh sensei....?
dojeI don't know how to install dos these days :<
wilberfanand more importantly...how to make it all bettah?
kkathmanEisBlade: well I have hda that has kubuntu, but then I added hdb and put suse on it, but of course the system boots from hda :(
wilberfananother ctrl-alt-F1 exercise, perchance?
kkathmanso I'll have to back up everything, pull out the hda, and reinstall everything on hdb
EisBladedos is all diskette install, about 3, I think.
kkathmanunless I can actually find a way to write a boot on hdb
wilberfan%C2 fights urge to reinstall 10.2
EisBladekk: what about bios? can't set boot priority to be hdb?
ok, back.
doje - still here?
EisBladetake a sec to look over this post on WinBorg, and you'll know what I mean...
dojeis it possible to onstall dos without a floppy - that's one of my main probs i think
EisBladei don't think so....wellll, unless you copy all 3 disks to a usb - you could probably install it that way.
dojeinstall* - typing in dark
EisBladeformat usb to FAT, copy all dos files. run setup.exe
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