#suse - Sat 17 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:24

jinI found it :)
tekhawkdont know
cenuijfn~sue-amaroker: yes, but there may be somethign else preventing x from running using the nvidia driver, you should check /var/log/X.0.log in any case for the problem, however if you delete xorg.conf then run sax2 and start x; /var/log/x).log will not show the error anymore
so maybe do this: sudo cp /var/log/X.0.log /var/log/X.0.log.broken then remove xorg.conf and restart x
jinI'm using totem to play a. avi file but I'm not getting audio
it works fine with vlc
lostboyzit is not an update
it is an updated package
lorbritohow i remove compiz?
tekhawkno clue then sorry i cant help
cenuijfn~lorbrito: sudo zypper rm compiz
lorbritocenuij: it is the result of that command=A ZYpp transaction is already in progress.
cenuijzyppper, rug and other package managers require a sole lock on the package database, do you have yast2 package management or anything similar running already?
lorbritoyes,,i quit it
thanks cenuij
cenuijno problem
GreaseMonkeyok, i've found the problem: none of the bootloaders like ext3.
and i'm not wasting another 3 hours of my life
jengelh~/msg #opensolaris Foorant <=> Coolant?
fuck X
derrleyIn KDE (KPowerSave) is there a way to set what to do when my power button ispressed or when I close the laptop lid? I could do that in gnome power options but I cant figure out how to set it here.
derrley yes
derrleycenuij: where ?
cenuijConfigure Powersave > General Settings
derrleycenuij: that only allows me to set "lock on laptop lid close" it doesn't say anything about power button or doing something else when the laptop lid closes
cenuijtheres a section called power events or similar
xossis it possible to "upgrade" to opensuse from a different linux distribution say ubuntu?
aka_druidxoss, nah
derrleycunuij: I definitely don't see what you're talking about.
cenuijderrley what version ?
derrleyopensuse 10.2
cenuijah wait
my bad
there's an app, kpowersave
thats what i thought you meant
derrleythat is what I meant.
rnartoshow to mount a samba using mount only??
derrleythere is nowhere in kpowersave that allows me to select what to do when I hit the power button.

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