#suse - Thu 15 Mar 2007 between 13:17 and 13:27

bill-barrierecargile, ?? they have both
for ie i might understand .. but office/outlook that i cant
cargileisn't 64 better?
bill-barriereeven the damnned paint image viewer and crap are in double
cargile, when speaking about ms stuff ... not really
cargilehuh...what's the difference b/w 32,64? it's not how many bytes the processor processes or something like that
i mean bit
it's something along those lines right
jengelhbill-barriere: hey hey even linux apps come in double on suse ;)
bill-barrierejengelh, well for low level lib it sure make sense
but not for top level app
jengelhgimp is not lowlevel :p
bill-barriereand in windows you cant really control that
on suse you can erase the 32bit one (that is NOT installed by default anyway)
actionbill-barriere slap jengelh
bill-barriereslap jengelh
its not even a -32bit
actionbill-barriere slap jengelh some more
bill-barriereslap jengelh some more
cargilebtw wiki gives a shit explanation of the diffs b/w those two architectures
cargilenm..that makes sense
bill-barriereand the windows WOW64 implementation is weird ... its not real 64bit its some kind of weird fucked up emulation ...
cargilebut as far as PC's are concerned..who cares about a 2^64 GB limitation on hard drive size?
bill-barrieremmm ICQnumber is the white rabbit ...
condorce qualche italiano?
bill-barriere!en @ condor
SUSEhelpcondor: #suse is (proper) English ONLY. See http://en.opensuse.org/Communicate#Internet_Relay_Chat for other language channels.
cargilewe're not even up to terabytes in PC's as far as I know
FeatherMonkeyI tried finding out once how many apps atually are 64bit? I know mplayer uses some bits and oo is only 32bit but what about other things?
bill-barrieresPiN, remember witherabbit ?
bill-barriereFeatherMonkey, not anymore for OOo only java was missing, its not totally native 64bit
sPiN, well ICQnumber is him
i just seen his quit message
* ICQnumber has quit ("follow the white rabbit...")

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