#suse - Wed 14 Mar 2007 between 00:06 and 00:34

eTangenTanyone know anything about NetworkManager?
dojewhat's your question ?
eTangenTwell, if I leave my connection idle for a little bit of time, it drops the connection and doesn't reconnect.
any thoughts on why this is?
dojewireless or wired ?
using ipw2200 drivers
dojewill it reconnect if you manually select it again ?
dojeI'm not sure about knetworkmanager reconnecting - oddly i have that prob in xp on this machine and not in suse
one thing you can try is to change the channel on the router to try and not get booted off in the first place
eTangenTdoje, the signal is always around 80%
and if I'm getting kicked off, it's always when I'm not using the connection
which incidentally enough, is usually when I'm not here
dojepowersave perhaps ?
does it do it when you're at the machine but not using the network as well ?
probably powersave, I guess
reconfigured it
hopefully this works
thanks :D
dojenp, i hope that works for ya
jlowellhey folks, i'm having a hell of a time with ndiswrapper... ive got an hp dv9208nr and by lspci it seems to have a dell wireless broadcom 1930 mini pci...
jhulst_Do you have the driver installed?
jlowelli can see wlan0 in iwconfig if I use ndiswrapper 1.38 (latest released) compiled by hand... and a bcwl5.inf
but i cant if i use yast ndiswrapper
jhulst_what does "iwlist wlan0 scan" give you?
jlowellbut although I added it in network config yast2 it still will not conect
wlan0 No scan results
jhulst_is there a hardware switch?
jlowelljhulst_, yes but its on
beta[a]you installed the driver correctly i take it
jhulst_jlowell: does the driver show as correctly installed? ndiswrapper -l
koenhi all
jlowellbcmwl5 : driver installed
device (14E4:4311) present
beta[a]use iwconfig
jhulst_jlowell: modprobe
If iwlist isn't showing anything...

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