#suse - Mon 12 Mar 2007 between 13:08 and 13:17

apokryphos: tell that to Bies13
kkathmanwell I say that, I think its only the interaction of xine with kaffeine on wmps 10 or above that seem to confuse it
apokryphosmicrochip_: obviously presuming your system isn't mucked up, too (i.e. some type of force install)
kkathmancuz mplayer will play then (but I dont think it uses xine)
apokryphoskkathman: any link to one?
kkathmanI just have several here on my system
apokryphos: its been going on since libxine1 was updated several weeks ago
apokryphosupload anywhere?
mr_suseractually ironic side of this codecs stuff is that packmans totem has sometimes problems with playig ogg files :D
kkathmanthey are all corrupted and color shifted etc
but the ones that are wmp 9 and before play ok in kaffeine
microchip_mplayr's filtering system, and device support is superior to xine's which also makes MEncoder one of the most powerful encopers for linux
TealHow can I check what nvidia driver I have?
microchip_Teal: glxinfo
Bies13i unistalled everything
microchip_look for openGL: nvidia or something
Bies13now what pacages do i need ?
TealI see it 96.31
Bies13i will be useing vlc
microchip_Bies13: just install mplayer bro
Teal: then you use 1.0-9631
aka_druidTeal, cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version
microchip_mplayer just won another 2 awards, it's on their site :D
TealHey that driver is older than what nvidia has on their site..
microchip_then get the new one ;)
Tealerr I used the yast updater.
mr_suserTeal, so leave it
as it is
Teal, to get newset driver you will need to build module for your kernel
you dont have to do it if you dont need it
TealIs that hard/risky?
Teal: nope
mr_suserits very easy but
TealI think I do need it, some apps arn't working.
microchip_very easy actually
TealAnd people speculate its a driver issue.
mr_suserbut you will need to download some stuff like gcc nad sources for kernel;

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