#suse - Wed 28 Feb 2007 between 04:53 and 05:16

SUSEhelpTo install Java packages for SuSE 10.1, add the following installation sources: http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/SL10.1/nonossinstsource * install the JVM: yast2 install java1_5_0sun java1_5_0sunalsa * install the JDK: yast2 i java1_5_0sundevel * install the browser plugin: yast2 i java1_5_0sunplugin
d03boyhmm... I think java 1.6 came out. anyone know if this is true and is it in the repo yet?
kerberislast i saw, they only just added 1.5
never on the cutting edge :(
spacenervehow does one get NTLM authentication working in KMail on OpenSUSE? don't see a cyrus-sasl-ntlm package.... :o
TrollAndProudno /gdm/ directory
nisqd03boy: JAVA 6 1.6 Packages http://software.opensuse.org/download/Java:/addon:/test/openSUSE_10.2/
was that okay?
Anyone tried the opensuse 10.3?
qweqweqwei have a partition encrypted with cryptotab, can i back the whole thing up to keep the backup encrypted, will it mount on any system afterwards?
sodnisq: 10.3? i`m waiting for 10.2 remastered dvd ,hope it works better than GM as did 10.1
benJImansod: I doubt there'll be a 10.2 remastered
sod: 10.1 was the first time they did a remastered, due to popular demand due to the GM being so broken, 10.2 was fine
sodi wiil stick with 10.1 then
benJIman10.2GM is far better than even the remastered 10.1
actionscx runs for the stick
scxruns for the stick
sodmy 10.2 was ok to start but went tits up with the updates
actionscx offers the stick to daPhoenix
scxoffers the stick to daPhoenix
benJImanI've had no problems, you wern't trying to use smart or something silly?
scxbenJIman: you told zypper check the md5sum of the repos
nisqsod: I be using the gnome desktop... The updates are working for me? but then this be the 2nd time around. I still be learning
benJImanscx: it does yes
d03boythe trick to enjoying linux is to remember that its free
scxthere's anyway to skip the refresh? 'cause mine just insist in refreshing all the time
sodnisq: was using kde -maybe part of the problem
scxbenJIman: I just installed something and 5 min later the online update downloads everything again
daPhoenixscx: Go to the installation sources and disable refresh for the repos.
scxwell I don't want to permanently disable the refresh
besides to open the installation sources it freshes the sources !
benJImanscx: not downloading everything, it'll be downloading the md5sums
scx: unless the source has changed obviously
scxbut it's already in bugzilla
benJImanwhich it mighth ave done
scx: it refreshes yes, that involves downloading md5sums
nisqd03boy: And it the latest and greates
scxbenJIman: well, no, it downloads the whole thing everytime

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