#suse - Mon 26 Feb 2007 between 00:00 and 00:42

aka_druidanswer I: because it sucks
answer II: I have no fucking idea
answer III: no, its not useful at all in a home env
merlin2049erwhat's zenworks?
siavashCan anyone help me to find out if the usb slots on my laptop work in opensuse?
kkathmansPiN: I cant seem to figure out how you would put an mp3 file inside your odeo account and make it RSS...not much instruction there
siavash: theres no reason to think they dont
siavashkkathman: I know, but when i plug in a mouse, it doesnt light up or anything.
kkathmandoes it work?
siavashkkathman: the usb should and mouse too, i have windows on anotehr partition and it works
sPiNkkathman, read the other comments i made
i was mistaken about odeo, they seem to have changed their business model
kkathmansPiN: oh I must have run off too soon
sPiNsure sure
kkathmansiavash: I cant imagine that suse wouldnt see your USB ports
siavashkkathman: how could i test them? i dont see any sda files in /dev/
kkathmansPiN: that seems a great option
siavash: do an lspci on a konsole
you should see the USB Controllers, etc
siavashkkathman: I have USB Controller: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB400 USB Host Controller
kkathmanok thats good
siavashkkathman: after i plug in the dongle for the mouse, the light lights up for a millisecond and goes away
kkathmansiavash: do you have some odd kind of mouse maybe??
ive never heard anyone have a problem like this
siavashkkathman: i have the Microsoft wireless optical mouse 3000
kkathman: looking up online, everyone says its just plugnplay on linux
RickyRayywhich file do i add this line to so that the mouse always loads? /etc/init.d/gpm start
killer_cual es el canal de suse en espanol_?
Guiltslavash: i would too.
run dmesg and see if it detects the usb controller
and also run lsusb -v
and /proc/bus/*
joebob777as7anyone know of a good slideshow application?
siavashGuilt: i ran dmesg and didnt get anything that said USB, lsusb -v did give me some information on hubs, in /proc/bus/ there is no directory called usb
lxuseranyone wacthing the oscars? or take my garbage someone else?
RickyRayywhich file do i add this line to so that the mouse always loads? /etc/init.d/gpm start
And_the_cow_saysI am lxuser. lol

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