#suse - Sat 24 Feb 2007 between 00:02 and 00:21

snahirniit works now, you may give it a try
jenocinhey people, got a ?, got dvds playing in totem, but in gmplayer and a few other apps I get dvd:\\ not found , how can I add that pointer
SUSEhelpFor multimedia and other restricted format (MP3,Encrypted DVD, DiVX,etc) issues, see http://opensuse-community.org/Restricted_Formats
Sadneophytejenocin try directing the programs to the /dev/ for the dvd
jenocinSadneophyte: looks like they are trying /dev/dvd
I am at /dev/hdc and /dev/hdd
Sadneophytejenocin try giving those to the program
snahirniohio-guy: installed a lot of things with a linux-guru-friend of mine. i might be of some help
jenocink, brb
snahirnithe codecs and mplayer work fine for me
wilberfan"alsa-control: unable to find simple control 'PCM',0"
that happens every time I start MPlayer...
snahirnisuse 10.2?
that window flickers like mad (probably at the prevailing frame-rate?)!
(the error message window)
snahirniyou need to download the codecs you are missing. start YAST
jenocinSadneophyte: yep thanks , that worked, I put in /dev/hda by accident
snahirniin Yast install programs
search window type w32
Sadneophytejenocin bp
wilberfanI just installed 'w32codec-all'... Do I need to restart, or...?
Sadneophyte<wilberfan> you're funny
wilberfanI don't FEEL funny...
jenocinSadneophyte: any idea why mplayer would be playing the 4:3 as 3:4 it looks like... .really long window vertically by default
Sadneophyte: tried changing the spec already, only works right when I manually resize
Sadneophyte<jenocin> couldf be anything
knicSadneophyte: you sure it isnt the video source/.
jenocinknic: commercial dvd... shouldn't be the source, i'll play around with it
wilberfanI'm back... That error message flickers while I get sound AND video...!
and w32codecs ARE installed...
And "totem" crashes with THIS message: "Could not find the audio output. You may need to install addition GStreamer plugins, or select another audio output in the Multimedia Systems Selector"
merlin2049eri got w32 installed
Sadneophytewilberfan and kaffeine?
wilberfanlemme try that...
kaff seems fine...!
I used to see that 'alsa' message in Ubuntu...and there was an audio setting in preferences that made it go away...
"alsa-control: unable to find simple control 'PCM',0"

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