#suse - Thu 22 Feb 2007 between 00:01 and 00:28

R0berthttp://pastebin.com/886340 can someone look at that please and make a comment
Krazytekn0aka_druid why not?
mackaKrazytekn0: You'll get kicked.
This isn't efnet, sorry :-)
Krazytekn0so why is your color different? (it's been a long time since I've been on IRC)
mackacould be your client. Nobody's using colours in here
Krazytekn0aaah, must be
forozcoanybody knows beryl?
R0bertany takers on my post for my printer?
forozcoberyl anuone?!?!?!
anyone knows beryl?
SUSEhelpTo get help from me you can ask for keywords (factoids) in pvt with /msg SuSEhelp <factoid_name> . To search the keywords try /msg SuSEhelp search <string_to_search> (or check at http://susewiki.apanela.com/bot_help)
sPiNforozco, dont beg, that is no way to get help
merlin2049erhey, i just got an ipod
sPiNmerlin2049er, amarok
merlin2049eris there anything to sync with linux
isnt amarok on kde
i'm running gnome desktop
sPiNbanshee i guess
amarok does a much better job though
merlin2049erhmm, banshee crashes quite a bit
sPiNyeah its crap
merlin2049erdoes it do podcasts
lontramerlin2049er: gtkpod
merlin2049erya i know banshee sucks
sPiNgtkpod has TERRIBLE usability
lontrasPiN: blah
merlin2049erwhats spin
sPiNcall me when it can drag drop.
or make proper multi selections
lontrause amarok :)
sPiNor doesnt look like crap
merlin2049erwill amarok run under gnome
lontramerlin2049er: of course
merlin2049erhey , anyone install the beta of gnome

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