#suse - Wed 21 Feb 2007 between 00:00 and 00:09

brianwdavemc: ok, try this command: mkdir ~/tmp-mnt && smbmount // ~/tmp-mnt -o username=may
davemck3b is nice
brianwRickyRayy: rip a cd or make an actual copy?
RickyRayycopy cd
brianwRickyRayy: ya k3b
davemcbash: smbmount: command not found
brianwdavemc: do you have smbclient installed?
BobLvanyone know if that cable tv decoder card that was talked about last year ever get released?
RickyRayyok i'll yast k3b
davemci thought it did that
brianwRickyRayy: are you not using kde?
brianwRickyRayy: you can use gnome baker
RickyRayyso i should yast baker?
brianwRickyRayy: I would assume gnomebaker would already be on there
RickyRayy: afaik, it is integrated into nautilus
davemcim checking the install logs brian
RickyRayynope, just one called gnome cd/dvd creator. it doesn't do copy though
brianwdavemc: if you don't have smbmount, you don't have smbclient installed
davemcgood point
memis the latest mplayer broken for any1 else
complains about not being able to download the needed ffmpeg
brianwmem: I use vlc or kaffiene
memnever bothered with eiter really
I like mplayer for simplicity sake
davemchmm i dont see it on the software list in Yast
memguess I can use vlc though if the source for mplayer doesnt compile
yast is broken on 10.1 :( I use smart
brianwdavemc: samba-client
davemcit shows it as being installed brian
a blue check mark
brianwdavemc: give me a sec
davemc: I will install it real quick to see what bins come w/ it
davemcversion 3.0.23d-19.2 x86_64
brianwdavemc: use the same command I gave you, but replace smbmount with cifs-mount
davemcmkdir: cannot create directory `/home/dave/tmp-mnt': File exists
brianwdavemc: well skip that part... :)
this has got to be a firewall deal eh?
brianwdavemc: samba-client does provide smbmount here

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