#rubyonrails - Fri 4 May 2007 between 01:12 and 01:24

catalyst_mediahere's the SQL
kaincatalyst_media, have you seen what I wrote?
thefirstdudecatalyst, maybe you want or isntead of and?
catalyst_mediaYes and I think you're right but I don't know how to fix it? Also how do I make IRC say something to a certain person (I've never used IRC much before)
kainjust put OR instead of AND
catalyst_mediaor might work but I would like to use and so it searches both
okay I'll try it
thefirstdudetype /msg NICK my message
catalyst_mediawoo hoo! it worked stupid or
wolfjbargv[]: rapt returns 'Flash MP3/Image/Media/FLV Player' is this the flickr plugin you had in mind?
kainwhat's rapt?
uh, I see. http://rubyforge.org/projects/rapt/
wolfjbrails plugin search tool
carterthere's also acts_as_ferret
kainsee you guys, thanks for the help. nite
thefirstdudecatalust_media: blabla
catalyst_media: blabla
millmannanyone know of a rails gem or addon that lets you convert PDF files to JPEG?
catalyst_mediaokay thanks thats perfect
thefirstdude: thanks. did that work?
catalyst_mediaawesome thanks for all the help you guys. see ya
thefirstdudemillmann, why would you need to do that?
argv[]wolfjb i mean the one from the flickr in 5 minutes screencast
thefirstdudecatalyst, you can use a comma or whatever you want
catalyst_media, you can use a comma or whatever you want
alexsuraciIs there any way to have a Scriptaculous in-page editor decode textile? :P
millmannbecause i am writing a program where a PDF is generated and the user has to be able to approve the contents before downloading it
and i can't [provide the PDF file, because they are going to pay for it
maybe have them pay for "half" of it and then after downloading it pay for the other half
or you could do 1/4 before downloading and 3/4 after?
millmannor 1/32
thefirstdudewhatever fits your needs best
matadonFrom within a filter, is it possible to render a separate action and then halt?
wolfjbargv[]: thanks, found it
matadonNM, figured it out.
actionmatadon really should stop asking stupid questions.
matadonreally should stop asking stupid questions.
millmanni wonder if there is a way to view PDF's in Flash...

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