#rubyonrails - Thu 3 May 2007 between 00:03 and 00:17

aKKiLLaappleswitch777: You basicly run 3 (more or less) mongrel process on 3 different ports. Then when you get a request for a file from the domain that runs the app you forward it to mongrel
it is really easy
appleswitch777I get the concept, I was just wondering if it would completly clash with my current setup
aKKiLLano if you are using VirtualHost it wont
are they sharing IPs?
appleswitch777their sharing one IP
three domains, one IP
aKKiLLaI used Apache with Mongrel but I started using Lighttpd + pound and mongrel
well all you do is set the domain and the proxy balancing
it should not mess you up at all
just add a new virtual host for the domain name
appleswitch777thanks :)
appleswitch777I can work my way through it, now that I know it won't end in a mess
when I went to learn setting up the server I thought it would be a couple hour thing
then I got it setup a few ways in under an hour
kinda cool
krammer_mmmm. how do i get unix time in ruby... in seconds since 1970....
RubyGodseriously some programmers r just lazy
tpopelike those who can't type out "are" :)
RubyGodhah r is going to be the new way of typing are
krammer_and do u know which is the mysql data type that fits an unix time? int or larger than int?
tpopedon't use unix timestamps for that
you'll make life painful for you and your successor
just use whatever the datetime column is for mysql
krammer_tpope... the problem is that i need to sort large amounts of dates in ruby (not sql) and i dont want to spend cycles on time.parse...
thoraxewow i bet if i understood testing i could figure some stuff out real good
aKKiLLakrammer_ have mysql output timestamps
thoraxeis there a rake that will clone the DATA from development to test?
rake db:test:clone go figure
tpopeyou figure wrong
that's for the schema
thoraxetpope: clone_structure is for schema
krammer_aKKiLLa: but if i use timestamp as mysql column data type, when i query it will return time as formated string or as int?
thoraxetpope: isn't it?

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