#rubyonrails - Fri 18 May 2007 between 00:21 and 00:42

afrenchwas not expecting Colloquy to make a chirping sound
cardioidColloquy likes making noises
I tell it not to
afrenchI did too....apparently not enough though
StevenSorokaI was wondering what caused that sound
railsbot::rails-commit:: Changeset [6761]: Sanitize Base#inspect. Closes #8392. @ http://dev.rubyonrails.org/changeset/6761
StevenSorokaI love you railsbot
Casey123afrench: i thought it was a record scratch sample, was like wtf and ignored it assuming something happened in colloquy haha
afrenchyeah, that was the sound I had too.
afrenchat least it wasn't a klaxon or anything
xtrmntris it possible to have directory structures for a site, and not use ids? basically i need to mimick my current site which is set out like like www.url.com/businesses/australia/business-type/business-name
xtrmntrbut i haven't seen any ror sites that do that kinda thing
JackDangerCheck out the to_param method on your models.
xtrmntri've been using plone, but wanting to move it to either rails or django
but would prefer rails
JackDangeras would most people in this chatroom :-)
let me work up some code for you. Give me a sec.
xtrmntrohh nah that's alright, i haven't gotten started with ror yet, just wanting to know if stuff is possible before i dive in
the other question was running multiple ror sites from shared mysql tables
JackDangerAlright ;-) Yes, it's entirely possible.
You mean, multiple sites that don't have any knowledge of each other?
xtrmntrwould there be any problems if say 4 or 5 sites used the same database tables to grab and write info
they'd have different templates, etc, but filter data from the database
StevenSorokaweird. :)
xtrmntrso say a table of businesses, but depending on where the business is located, a different site will display different results
StevenSorokaxtrmntr: it's possible, I do it
JackDangertotally possible - just don't clobber your data by having each site think it 'owns' the database and can do whatever it wants with it.
StevenSorokayeah.. well, I have two apps, one db, and a ton of sites. :D
xtrmntr: word of caution, it's not easy to set up. ;)
JackDangerStevenSoroka: is it difficult because of Rails or just because of the nature of the project?
krayola1when there are multiple applications or sites working against the same data, my personal experiences say to not let the applications (of any form) directly query or manipulate data -- use stored procs to control that... but that's just me.
xtrmntrStevenSoroka: I don't mind a challenge :)
StevenSorokaJackDanger: uh, rails doesn't play nice with dynamic db-based routing. I ended up using render_component to do it
krayola1: I disagree. :)
krayola1StevenSoroka: it all really depends on the complexity of the underlying database, however.
JackDangerStevenSoroka: wow, you might be the only person I know who uses components. Bravo.
xtrmntrwould it be a problem to use a bunch of (i'd guess you'd call them applications) in a site. Say you allow people to upload and manage photos, submit news, create lists of stuff

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