#rubyonrails - Mon 14 May 2007 between 00:02 and 00:09

blarftpope: lemmie see if I can clarify
blarfI've got a group of computers that I am responsible for
so, I'm attempting to keep an organized list of what versions of what software, and other crap are associated with each computer
they're all windows boxen, so I'm a bit... eh.
Goetmethow do u use collection_ids?
blarfso I've got a model that represents the computer
and each computer has_many features
Goetmetgot it
blarfbut feature is say a specific piece of software (AutoCAD 2k, AutoCAD 2k7LT, Office 2k, Office2kSP3, etc, etc)
the ever so brilliant idea I had was to use single table inheritence
nikadoes find_all on an array returned from a has-many step on Enumerable's find_all?
beeewhi , does find_all on an array returned from a has-many step on Enumerable's find_all?
blarfbut that doesn't scale well, nor does it leave me with an easy way to find the variety of software I'm tracking unless I make my own hardcoded list
tpope: does that make some sort of sense?
beeewholy shit, i just copy and pasted the wrong line..ha
(sorry nika)
nikafoo.bars.find_all { |b| b.prop == 'foobar' }
(did have me wondering) ;-)
beeewok here's my line: does anyone in here use radrails / aptana on osx?
nikawhereas foo.bars.select { ... } is correct
JasonKingnika: no, the find_all attached to hm associations is the ActiveRecord::Base find(:all)
nikafind_all and select are aliases.
RyanTMblarf: Are you saying it doesn't scale well because you have to make a new model for each piece of software?
nikaouch, that's...
blarfRyanTM: yes
nikaJasonKing: thanks
beeewi'm just trying to do the shortcut to comment and uncomment code..
i can't find it anywhere : T
blarfRyanTM: not just model, but also I've got to edit the various things that would enumerate the software a computer has
JasonKingnika: and yes, it annoys more than a couple of people from time to time.
nikaadd me to that list
JasonKingnika: .to_a is your friend
blarfthus the original thought was to see if there's an easy way to just determine what objects subclass the super model
miloopsanyone here staying at Holiday Inn for RailsConf?
nikaJasonKing: yeah, a friend you shouldn't need...
JasonKingnika: agreed.
blarfmiloops: I'm sure there are many holiday inns
especially when you consider that the portland metro area spans two states

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