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Heimidalreplikant: YAML = data in a file, sort of like a flat-file database. REST = a methodology for accessing any kind of resource
cdcarterat its heart, that is
afrenchladies and gents, that's called bumping your powersupply and accidently bouncing your router
eventualbuddhaand Ajax = Asynchronous Javascript and XML
replikantajax is basically javascript using that tag... right?
eventualbuddhaAjax has taken on the meaning that cdcarter mentioned, but its original form was simply referring to the XMLHttpRequest object
dagbrownajax is what Microsoft caused by accident when they wrote an XmlHttpRequest function
its basically a hack:)
afrenchoh I'm sure they did it intentionally....but it was such a good idea that no one ran with it
eventualbuddhaand so most non-techs think that anything in JS is Ajax
dagbrowneventualbuddha: A few years ago, everything in JS was DHTML!
cdcarteror DHTML as the olddtimers called it
afrenchDOM != DHTML though
Heimidal"DOM Scripting" is the preferred term by many now.
replikantnow whats dom?
HeimidalDocument Object Model
cdcarterDOM is complex
essentially gives you the HTML of that page as objects
dagbrownHeimidal: It is? I've never heard THAT one. I guess they want to get away from the "unicorns following the cursor" associations of JavaScript.
replikantdisplay dependant on browser?
cdcarterones that JS can fuck with and change
Heimidalat its most basic level, DOM is a a tree-like interpretation of any HTML/XML document created after the browser has parsed the document.
dagbrown: it's gaining popularity
(also the name of a book Jeremy Keith wrote)
replikantyou are basically saying web browsers are really ugly, right?:))
cdcarteri dont see that being said at all
cdcarterand why does that smiley have a double chin?
eventualbuddhacdcarter: lol
replikantirc mkeup language... it hides my non-shavedness
dagbrownreplikant: This whole dynamic-web-page thing is to try and make web browsers more than just trumped-up IBM 3270 terminals.
replikantdagbrown it surely makes sense...
and it is being done for a long time
afrenchwe picked one hell of an environment to develop in, eh?
eventualbuddhadagbrown: oh god. i once used a website (UCSB's course scheduler) that was clearly just a frontend for a terminal app. it was horrid
i would have vastly preferred a telnet connection

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