#rubyonrails - Fri 27 Apr 2007 between 00:02 and 00:44

stixlIs it possible to inlude a form input field that is not part of a model?
work_dammitwow now that is bizarre
for the record i am now running rails 1.2.3 on a host that's only up to 1.1.6 (by freezing it) and everything seems to work fine
and the issue that i was having (certain links were not showing up) seems to have been fixed by the freeze
explain THAT
jeremydurham: thanks for that link i am buying it now!
jeremydurhamwork_dammit: :)
scroolooseyo, im trying to use an after_initialize callback. If i define it like "def after_initialize ... end" then it works fine, if i try to use the macro like "after_initialize do .... end" then it never fires :-/
anyone encountered this b4?
jeremydurhamafter_initialize takes a block?
well I'll be
scroolooseevidently not...
ahh --> "Unlike all the other callbacks, after_find and after_initialize will only be run if an explicit implementation is defined (def after_find)."
can somebody please help me
i'm trying to get the rest_auth to work, and I'm posting the signup for to /users....how does it know to trigger 'create' and not attempt to call a non-existant "index"
which is what it's doing right now
i can of course manually make it post to users/create, but apparently it's supposed to "know"?
anathematichow do i limited how many characters i print out from my model? (ie. <% event.location %> i only want to show the first 5 letters
never mind got it lol
Ookblahfreakin why do my resources paths not work adjs;f
D2DChatis there by any chance a darwin ports equivalent for windows?? ;)
jeremydurhamD2DChat: windows sucks man
D2DChat: buy a mac
D2DChat: friends don't let friends use Windows.
don-odidnt there used to be a #mongrel ?
Caydeldoes rails still require me to keep custom DB code in the migrations to handle foreign keys?
railsbot::rails-commit:: Changeset [6589]: Start writing tests for the deployment code. Make the copy strategy & @ http://dev.rubyonrails.org/changeset/6589
anathematichow does one go about
passwording something?
ElMatadorguy, i'd like to change the :class-value of a text_field_tag in rjs...this doesn't work: page[:tag].class = "enabled"
can anyone point me out how to change that value?
hm...i hate looking at the clock and getting scared by reading 4:37am :)
i think either something is wrong with my version of rails, or i'm not reading this api right..

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