#rubyonrails - Wed 25 Apr 2007 between 01:36 and 01:41

DannoHungAnd not installed vim 7?
chjuniorI was watching some screencasts at http://railscasts.com/, and I could see that the developer could see the log being updated live while he was executing the app, how to do it?
bkocikchjunior: If you're on a *nix box, "tail -f" your development.log file
DannoHungtail logs/developer.log -f
viewlogic_whats the diff between <% %> and <%= %>
DannoHungdevelopment, rather
bkociktdela: Just for views. It's all Java/Spring.
tpopefunny story: I discovered bugs in rails.vim with vim 6.2 when ReinH gave a presentation and unexpectedly had to use someone elses mac at the last minute
tpopeviewlogic_, = outputs
bkocikviewlogic: The first is used to encapsulate a code block. The second is mainly just used to read output.
ReinHwhich had 6.2 installed
And actually I found the bug
tpopeyou triggered the bug
I found it
tpopedon't steal my credit ho
chjuniorbkocik, hum.....
bkocikI will not hum, sir.
ok so i have a route setup like this: map.connect ':username', :controller => 'members', :action => 'member_page' but i'm finding that with that defined, any time i try to access a non-existent file from my public folder (i.e. by going to mydomain.com/nonExistentImage.jpg) it will attempt to follow the route i defined above. if that example image IS there, however, it will locate the resource properly (good!). but
chjuniorbkocik, very good :D thanks :D
DannoHungGrr... still defaulting to vim 6... I hate things not installed by a package manager....
bkocikpauld08: Can you paste your routes.rb file (see topic)
tpopewell vim 6 should suffice
grab the svn version of rails.vim
or, use mac ports
port install vim
DannoHungI just did port install vim
it's a path issue
you need /opt/local/bin/vim
alter your path as appropriate
DannoHungwhich vim returns /opt/local/bin/vim

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