#rubyonrails - Sun 22 Apr 2007 between 01:41 and 01:46

p34rpeople can fake refferers though cant they
can they*?
aroonihey folks!
p34ryeah ok heh
rainmkror some toolbars / antivirus programs prevent them from being sent at all
HI arooni
aroonii'm having trouble openin *.rhtml files in radrails (java exception about RubyCodeScanner)................ anyone have this problem?
rainmkrarooni: use notepad. :-)
p34rrainmkr: what? you cant code rails in notepad
thats ludacris
rainmkryeah, use pfe not notepad
my bad
p34rwhats pfe
rainmkrprogrammers file editor
p34ror vim
p34rgvim is the shitness
rainmkrit used to be sweet back in the day
tpopeit's strange how you mean that in a good way
p34rtpope: :D yeah i read over that and was like..oh
rainmkrwho else needs help?
p34rvim + vim.rails + vim.ruby = best editor
tpopeit's rails.vim and vim-ruby
rainmkrtextmate, my friend.
tpopebut yeah
p34rtpope: shows how much i pay attention to those details heh
dagbrownrainmkr: Where's the Linux version of TextMate?
rainmkrdagbrown: where's the Linux version of Office?
tpopewhere's the version of textmate with modal editing?
dagbrownrainmkr: Crossover Office.
tpopethat's what I'm waiting on
p34rwhere's the linux version of photoshop
dagbrownCrossover Office again!
p34rphotoshop > gimp and paint shop pro combined

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