#rubyonrails - Tue 17 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:14

BucWheatbah! the update timed out on me.
no good
BucWheati'm trying to query different tables based off of user defined options that the select via view
bauserso, I have a string of image data and i'd like to convert it to an RMagick object...
any ideas?
BucWheatwhen i run the query with what is selected from view and passed to action nothing is returned and i can't figure out why
the sql code works in mysql console
ypSami and development log shows the option being passed in the query to the db
BucWheatSELECT * FROM clients WHERE (clients.`client_status` IN ('Active')) that is what the dev log shows
after i just selected Active from the view
clients is the table and client_status is the column i'm querying
ypSamiBucWheat: I think what's happening is that your select isn't being saved
but really, I have a very vague idea of what this code does
BucWheatypSami i'm trying to return the results from the query to the user after the select the option they want
ypSami it is suppose to be like a report generating page where the user can generate reports based off of the options they select
ypSamithe name of your field is prospect_status[]
which returns an array
BucWheatypSami look at client_status as that is the one i have code for. its the first one
ypSamiparams[:prospect_status] # => Array
anyone have an ideas how to get around: NotImplementedError: the `import_pixels' method is not supported by GraphicsMagick 1.1.7
other than writing that method, heh
or a synonym to that in RMagick
ypSamiBucWheat: I see that you're trying to pass a select field's value to the controller
BucWheatright. is that not the right way to do it?
so i can query using the value returned from the page
ypSamiBucWheat: That value would come in as an array, but you're applying to_s to it, which should do the same thing.
have you done a params.debug ?
BucWheatno. where would i put that?
i've just been looking in log file
ypSamieh, I use the console and puts
but just write params.inspect to your log then paste it
in your controller
pastiehttp://pastie.caboo.se/54344 by BucWheat.
ypSamiall of your statuses are coming through as empty arrays

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